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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Networking is a must for any web site.
It's the way we communicate personally and professionally. It would be nice if you could wave a magic wand and Voilà, be number one on Google. Google will even tell you that no one should ever guarantee your web site will be ranked number one. Google does however, give specific guidelines to optimize your site so that it can be found easily and increase visibility. A domain name that lends itself to being crawled by search engines is the place to start. Then the art of basic good web design, content and structure is essential.

Social Networking works along with your web site for your best advantage.You know your business better than anyone so you must communicate and answer those five questions of Who? (you are and who do you want to target). What? (is it you are trying to communicate or sell). Why? (should someone want to buy the product or services. When? (can I get the product or service). Where? (can I get this product or service). This will help determine key words that will be used.

I only use White Hat SEO so that your site will not be banned or penalized. Search Optimization is not Hocus Pocus but an ever changing science and you need someone to keep up with the very latest information. Never a Black Hat or Gray Hat production here.

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This is no time to be invisible. You must be on one or more social networking sites to improve your visibility. Putting these together takes time, organization and the knowledge of how they all work together. I can set you up quickly and easily on these sites, uploading all of your business photos, text, and information. Sim Sala Bim, and I will position your Social Media to coordinate with your website and marketing strategy. Effective Social Media in line with your web site will spotlight your business from all angles and reach your target group.

If you complete these tasks, you will be well on your way to advertise your products and services and communicate your company’s value to potential customers.

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